Kennedy Valve Company understands the importance of maintaining and enforcing an ethical code of conduct for all team members, regardless of their position or department.

By joining Kennedy Valve, we have each made a commitment to act ethically and to lead with integrity. This commitment is imbedded in the McWane Way, a core set of principles centered on integrity, competence, respect and fairness. All team members are trained on these principles and the values and behaviors demonstrated in the McWane Way Compass, which ensures higher levels of safety and environmental performance and improves communications and relationships at all levels.

Our code of conduct in the workplace shows how to uphold this commitment as we interact with the various groups that have a stake in our company’s success.

  • Our Commitment to Our Fellow Team Members

We treat one another fairly and with respect, valuing the talents, experiences and strengths of our diverse workforce.

  • Our Commitment to Our Customers

We maintain the trust of our customers, providing the best products on the market and adhering to honest, ethical and legal practices in all that we do.

  • Our Commitment to the Marketplace

We deal fairly with our business partners and suppliers, acting ethically and upholding the law in everything we do.

  • Our Commitment to Our Company

We act honestly and transparently at all times to keep our company safe and strong.

  • Our Commitment to Our Communities

We comply with all applicable laws, protecting our natural resources and supporting the communities where we live, work and do business.